Why this destination: it is the first province of Africa for the size of the trophies of Bongo and Giant Forest Hog and in the Chinko’s basin for the eland of Derby, the yellow back duiker. The sector gathers the five most famous rivers for the "records" that you can get: M’Bomou, Chinko, Vovodo, Ouara, Bira. A specialized safari for Bongo offers the possibility to overcome the world record. The sector, in which it has not been hunted since 1981, allows also the access to unexplored zones: inaccessible by road, and too distant by foot it can be reached in pirogue rescinding the river. The Chinko, famous for his elephants and elands, is also for fishing and his beauty. The explorations with pirogues in the rapids, in unexplored regions, add to a safari the authenticity of the rare virgins zones.

Organization, Professional Hunter: Jacques Lemaux
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