Camps, seasonal and flyingcamps.

The first camps fix is situated very close (almost 4 kilometers) at the south of the confluent of Vovodo and with Chinko.. It is the camp privileged for hunting leopard, Defassa cob, buffalo, warthog,etc. for the departure to the north expeditions on the rivers, for safaris prospecting and for fishing. There are also according to the seasons and rains, the forest animals of  but it is not the first vocation of this vacancy camp. It is a pleasant destination after the success of bongohunting.


The second camps fix is a camp (Tanzania tends) that will have to gone up according to the movement of the populations of animals and options valued every season for the research of the bongo.

The bulls that we wish have their circuit that passes by salt marshes and forests or they find their food according to the maturity of vegetation.


The flying camps along the tracks are arranged in the spaces close to villages or watch permanent supervisors of the salines and sites protected for the bongo.

These are prepared in advance places and will permit to approach since the early morning to good distance the salines and avoid long displacements.


The flying camps along the rivers during the explorations.



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